July 30, 2008

Added our new chart entitled 'The Sure Word of Prophecy'.  This work is our most detailed and comprehensive work on prophecy to date and represents our current understanding.



July 18, 2007

Updated chart 'The Prophetic Times and Seasons' to clarify our current understanding of prophecy.  Also added a better quality printable PDF file of this chart.



July 16, 2007

Added article 'Eternal Torment - A Scriptural Teaching?'



August 15, 2006

Redesigned the Articles page to list articles by category, and also include links to related articles found in our Journal.



December 30, 2005

Added our chart entitled 'The Prophetic Times and Seasons'.  This chart is an updated and much expanded version of the former 'Prophetic Timeline'.  This work is not yet complete and will continue to be a work in progress. 



August 28, 2004

Added the article Whoso Readeth, Let Him UnderstandThis is an extensive examination of the the 'Abomination of Desolation' and the 'Great Tribulation' in the Books of Daniel and Matthew.



January 11, 2004

Added 'Printer Friendly Versions' of George Storrs' 'Six Sermons'



Sept. 18, 2003

Added the article One Hundred Scriptural Arguments for a Unitarian Faith This work, originally published by the American Unitarian Association in 1827 provides compelling scriptural evidence that God is not a 'trinity'.



April 8, 2003

Added 'Printer Friendly Versions' of our articles and beliefs pages.  These were designed to both save ink, and improve formatting problems while printing.  Look for the 'Printer Friendly Version' links at the top of each article.  We hope to add printer friendly versions of our books and charts in the near future.



April 6, 2003

Added a Special Notice which explains certain clarifications to some of the doctrines taught on this site.  Also updated a few files to reflect these clarifications.



August 10, 2002

Added the chart The Reign and Fall of the Roman Beast.  This chart gives an explanation of the mysterious seven headed beast of Revelation 17.  A proper interpretation of this vision sheds great light upon the time in which we live and should fill God's people with joy at the prospect of Christ's soon return.



July 15, 2002

Added a short list of links to other informative web sites. Please note that inclusion of these links does not necessarily imply agreement on all points of doctrine.



March 22, 2002


Added the work The Intermediate State by Henry Grew to our books section.  This work from the 19th century offers convincing Biblical proof that upon death man must sleep in the grave until the resurrection.  It is shown that that the only hope for mankind beyond the grave lies in the promised resurrection of the dead, and how our current theories of life after death do violence to this scriptural doctrine.



March 6, 2002


Added the work A Vindication of the Government of God over the Children of Men by George Storrs to our books section.  This Biblical study from 1874 proves that the opportunity for salvation does not necessarily end at one's death, or at the end of our current age, but will extend into the coming Kingdom age of our Savior.



March 3, 2002


Added the first of a number of works by Henry Grew (1781-1862); An Appeal to Pious Trinitarians and Future Punishment Not Eternal Life in Misery but Destruction.  More works will follow in the coming days.



February 25, 2002


Added 'The God of the Living' to the Appendix section of our work 'Man Became a Living Soul'.  This short work answers arguments made that certain New Testament passages teach the conscious existence of all between death and the resurrection.



February 22, 2002

We have a whole new look! We have completely redesigned our site to make it more enjoyable and easier to use. Have a look around and let us know what you think.



January 27, 2002

Added the beginning in our series of charts : The Mystery of the Ages.  These charts show the church in history as well as those events will will shortly begin to come to pass on the earth. The series is not yet complete.  We hope to be adding more in the near future.



January 20, 2002

Added 'Thirty Questions For Those Who Teach Eternal Torment'. Tough questions every Bible student should ask about this God dishonoring doctrine. Those who teach this doctrine boldly proclaim it is based solely on the Word of God.  These questions help to show just how unscriptural this doctrine really is.



September 3, 2001

Added the Chart A Challenge to the Doctrine of Eternal Torment
This chart is a summery of almost three years of research into the doctrine of Eternal Torment. Nearly every 'proof-text' commonly brought forth to bolster this doctrine is listed along with notes and clarifying passages which show this teaching to be contrary to the Word of God.

This chart shows how these passages simply do not say what the advocates of eternal torment usually present them as saying. What we feel to be the true interpretation is also given for each passage.

Does the Bible really teach that the wicked will be tormented for all eternally? This information answers emphatically NO!. Prove it to yourself.

Warning: Large file. Could take a few minutes to load over a slow connection.