I would like to take a moment to personally thank you for visiting the Harvest Herald.  This site exists for one reason; to proclaim the glad tidings about Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. 

We believe that God, through his Son Jesus Christ has a wonderful plan for mankind. The message of the Gospel is such good news that we feel compelled to share this message with others.  This site is one way in which we hope to do just that. 

We live in a very troubled world, and in very troubled times.  We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God are the only real hopes for curing mankind’s troubles. We pray that as you browse the material on this site, you too will begin to see how much God loves His creation, and the glorious plans he has for its future. 

As Christians, we strive to be true to God’s word, the Holy Bible.  We believe that the entirety of God’s message to mankind is contained within its pages.  However, we also believe very strongly that the Bible has suffered centuries of abuse at the hands of well meaning but often misguided teachers.  Many refuse to hear the message of the Bible because of what others have told them the Bible says.  We at the Harvest Herald are committed to prayerfully studying the Bible without pre-conceived ideas of what we feel it must teach.  This has oftentimes led us to arrive at much different conclusions about what the Bible teaches than what many have traditionally believed.  We believe that the Bible contains a message of hope for all of mankind. We believe that the churches of today in general do not proclaim or have misunderstood this message. We invite you to learn of this hope, not taking our word for anything, but proving to yourself with your own Bible that these things are so. 

Much of the material on this site has been written to combat what we feel are erroneous and false teachings which in our day are being proclaimed as the true Christian faith.  If you have not yet heard the glad tidings about Jesus and the soon to come Kingdom of God, then these might seem confusing to you.  We invite you to begin with our work entitled ‘Good Tidings of Great Joy’ for a brief summery of the Bible message and God’s plan for mankind.  

It is our sincere prayer that this material will be a blessing to those who wish to come to a better understanding of God’s word. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have; we want to be of help to you in any way possible.